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Courses are added to the bundle as they open up for students and all students who have this bundle will automatically receive the courses in the list.

All courses have 4 to 6 modules with the exception of the professional sculptor level courses, which will have the equivalent of up to 6 months of sculpting content. Every course will come with lifetime support through the classroom forums.

Courses added monthly.

You get unlimited access to all of these courses:

Fundamentals of Sculpting One Basic
Earth Texture Basic
Rivets, Plates, Grates Basic
Scratches, Dents Basic
Wood, Grass Basic
Weapon Swaps Basic
Head Swaps Basic
Water Texture Basic
Rock Texture Basic
Bullet Holes Basic
Skulls, Bones Intermediate
Buttons, Zippers Intermediate
Intro to Hands Intermediate
Stitching, Lacing Intermediate
Reptilian Skin Intermediate
Wounds and Rot Intermediate
Basic Hair Intermediate
Banners Intermediate
Shoulder Pads Intermediate
Chainmail Intermediate
Swords and Daggers Advanced
Heraldry, Symbols, Emblems Advanced
Intermediate Hands Advanced
Goggles, Glasses, Masks Advanced
Scalemail Advanced
Wings Advanced
Teeth Advanced
Boots Advanced
Advanced Hair Advanced
Cloaks Advanced
Male Anatomy Professional
Female Anatomy Professional
Male Superhero Professional
Female Superhero Professional
Hardline Professional
Monsters Professional
Animals Professional
Elves Professional
Dwarves Professional
Orcs Professional
Drapery Pro Extended
Guns Pro Extended
Armor Pro Extended
Power Armor Pro Extended
Running a Freelance Business Pro Extended
Parchment Seal QuikTec
Cigars QuikTec
Tiny Skulls QuikTec
Mustache QuikTec
Tiny Spiders QuikTec
Small Snakes QuikTec
Guts QuikTec
Goalie Mask QuikTec
Braids QuikTec
Beards QuikTec
Tentacles QuikTec
Beaks QuikTec
Wrappings QuikTec
Boils QuikTec
Fur Intermediate
Ice Texture Basic
Lightning Effects Intermediate
Wind and Air Texture Intermediate
Ballistic Weapon Attachments Intermediate
Advanced Male Faces Advanced
Advanced Female Faces Advanced
Rope and Rope Effects Basic
Spikes and Studs Basic
Grenades and Ammo Belts Intermediate
Claws Intermediate
Jewelry intermediate
Fundamentals of Sculpting #1 Basic
Fundamentals of Sculpting #2 Basic
Pouches Intermediate
Adding Veins Basic
Belts & Buckles Intermediate
Filigree & Glyphs Advanced
Webs & Nets Advanced
Chains Intermediate
Fire Effects Intermediate
Introduction to Faces Basic
Intermediate Male Faces Intermediate
Intermediate Female Faces Intermediate
Pole Weapons, Axes and Hammers Advanced
Helmets Advanced
Bows and Quivers Advanced
Hats Intermediate

Your Instructor

James Van Schaik
James Van Schaik

James Van Schaik has over 20 years experience as a professional miniature sculptor.He has worked as a freelance sculptor, inhouse staff sculptor and on exclusivity contracts for a range of companies including Ral Partha, WizKids, Wyrd, Games Workshop, Pulp City, Battlefront, Gale Force 9, Dust Tactics, Mantic, Reaper, and RAFM.He has also sculpted for toy companies outside of the gaming industry and produced figures for Lord of the Rings, Dr. Who, Marvel, DC, and Harry Potter to name a few.

Although he has primarily worked as a sculptor, James Van Schaik has taught sculpting courses in person for over 7 years.All of the techniques that are used in the sculpting courses have been techniques that are proven to be effective in teaching hobbyists of ANY skill level and ability how to sculpt.He enjoys the learning environment and sharing the secrets of his craft.

Courses Included with Purchase

Introduction to Hands
Professional Sculpting Series: Part One of a Three Part Series on Sculpting Hands
James Van Schaik
Sculpting Spikes and Studs
Useful for conversions, modelling and sculpting your own miniatures.
James Van Schaik
Belts and Buckles
Finish up those finer details on your belts
James Van Schaik
Fundamentals of Sculpting One
Learning the Fundamentals you need for Miniature Sculpting
James Van Schaik
Fundamentals of Sculpting Two
Essential Techniques for Sculpting Miniatures and Modelling with Putty
James Van Schaik
Fundamentals of Sculpting Three
Bringing it All Together
James Van Schaik
Ice Texture
James Van Schaik
Rock Texture
Let's Get Rocking!
James Van Schaik
Wood and Grass
Sculpting wood and grass onto your bases.
James Van Schaik
Water Effects
Make waves with your sculpting!
James Van Schaik
Earth Texture
Create amazing earth effects for bases and dioramas
James Van Schaik
Adding Veins
Add Veins to Chaos Champion, Aliens, Superheroes and More!
James Van Schaik
Ropes and Rope Effects
Tie up those loose details
James Van Schaik
Sculpting Cigars
A Detail that Adds Character
James Van Schaik
Sculpting Mustaches
Getting a Little Hairy on that Sculpt
James Van Schaik
Sculpting Tiny Skulls
Adding Details to your miniatures and bases
James Van Schaik
Sculpting Parchment Seals
Perfect for Space Marines, and more!
James Van Schaik

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The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After purchase, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

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